Supon 1 Year Online Support

We specialize in Digital Dictation Equipment, Transcription Equipment and Speech Recognition Software and Hardware.

We support our Dictation, Transcription, Speech Recognition & Headset Products.  Unlimited support for 1 Year. Renew each year, for front of the line support.  We login to your computer remotely and get you going as fast as possible.

What we support:

Warranty Support – We work directly with Manufacturers and Distributors. Most products come with a 1 year warranty and we handle all issues directly with the manufacture on your behalf.

License Support – Lost license keys and license information.  We manage your license keys in case they are lost. We can reset your license and check to see if license keys are active for you.  If you want to move software to a new computer, we provide resets of the keys.

Software Support – Lost folders, lost voice files, new settings, reset settings, adding folders, and removing folders.  We include new profiles for users.  Software error message support.

Hardware Support – We support connection issues with the computer.  We support headsets and digital recorder devices.  Includes hardware settings.  Headset connection issues. If you’re having microphone issues, call us.  We will direct you and work with you to solve the issue. We can walk you through the steps to see why your microphone isn’t working. Foot pedal support included.

Basic Computer Support – We have the expertise to give you basic computer support, if your computer is acting up with any of our software.  We can recommend the required steps and work with your computer company.  We do not act as a computer company.  We support our products and require computer support staff who manage your computers at times. Users and support staff can call us directly for unlimited support.

Support on defective equipment – We no longer repair products but we are able to test products for you.  If you think your product is defective, ship it back to us and we can perform our own tests.

Our support is based on 1 user (Professional/Doctor/Lawyer), 1 Assistant & Computer Support Staff.  For more users please contact us for special pricing.

*We do not include new installations of the software.  If you want to move your software or buy a new computer, please contact us directly for a installation quote.

$179 per year – Unlimited Support – Purchase when you buy your products. Renew each year for peace of mind support.  If anything goes wrong we have your back. 


Support lines:

Online Remote login Support – We login to your computer remotely – – We will provide you with the login key.

Telephone Support –  416-258-3981

Email Support –

We do not outsource our support to any third party company.  We support our customers directly.   We login to customer computers with which is a secure remote online login tool.