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StartStop Transcription Kit – Supon Voice



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Product Description


The Start-Stop UNIVERSAL Transcription System is a professional grade PC-based, foot-pedal controlled transcriber that has been making industry waves since its introduction over a decade ago.

Control the speed and playback of virtually any digital recording or dictation – pause, play, step-back, and fast-forward without taking your hands from the keys or your attention away from your word processor.

The Start-Stop UNIVERSAL continues to be unique with its lifetime free upgrades guarantee, a wide range of supported audio formats, and a focus on improved workflow and efficiency for medical transcriptionists, court reporters, conference recording, legal transcription, educators, corporations, and government.

We are proud to announce Version 12 of Start-Stop UNIVERSAL Transcription System, with even more additional new features: Now Windows 8 (January 2013), Windows 7 supported, Start-Stop Yodal for BlackBerry,, myDictation iPhone MP3, audio playback support of 11 multimedia new formats (RM, IVF, MTS, MPEG, MPG, VOB, MP4, F4V, MOV, WMV, FLV), new file Drag ‘n Drop, SPX (Speex) support, and new standalone optional versions for use with Start-Stop Call-in System, Start-Stop Goldenear PRO 4x, and Start-Stop Superflow Continuous Recording System. Also we are including the Network Pro upgrade free with version 12. This networking add-on for Start-Stop UNIVERSAL makes work-sharing with other transcriptionists easy and efficient.

This is all in addition to supporting virtually every audio format in the industry (standard and proprietary, for example, WAV, MP3, WMA, DSS, VOX, VOC). Whatever you need to play and transcribe under foot pedal control, Start-Stop UNIVERSAL is the perfect multi-purpose transcription tool to help you get the job done.

The Start-Stop UNIVERSAL is compatible with Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, Windows 8.1.

The Start Stop plays all of the Standard .WAV, .MP3 and .WMA formats:
The Start Stop plays ALL of the Standard .WAV formats (approximately 20 “flavors”)
TrueSpeech compressed .WAV format
ADPCM .WAV (popular for Courtroom recording systems)
.MP3 audio format (popular for music and speech)
.WMA up to 44,100 hz CD Quality Sample Rate
Plays Music Audio CDs (Compact Audio Discs) .CDA Format

Plays the Audio Track from these popular Video Formats:

WMV (Windows Media Video)
RA (Real Audio)*
RM (Real Video/Real Media)
IVF (Indeo Video Format)
MTS (Hi Def Video Format – AVCHD created by Digital Video Cameras)
MPEG (Industry-Standard PC Video format)
MPG (Industry-Standard PC Video format)
VOB (Video Object files that are used on DVD movies and burned movie disks)
MP4 (Compressed Video Standard used on PCs and IPODS)
F4V (Flash MP4 video format)
MOV (Apple Quicktime Movie format)
FLV (Flash Video)
AVI (Windows Video Standard format)*
* New in Version 12
Cell Phone Formats (with HIPAA compliant encryption/decryption):

AMR Blackberry
Start-Stop Yodal for Blackberry
myDictation.net iPhone MP3
PLUS, Start Stop plays these non-standard digital dictation formats:

Digital Dictation Systems and Call-in Systems
Speex SPX (an increasingly popular open-standard format)
VoiceAge ACELP
DIVX audio
Digital Voice call-in system files (e.g. .VOX and .WAV)
Dictaphone Digital Express
Dictaphone Boomerang and .AUD files
“PlayAll” BCB TrueSpeech files with non-standard embedded headers
DVIPS (VOX 6KHz sample rate, 4-bit, ADPCM)
Dialogic based telephony systems
BVP Computers
Specialty VOX Formats, including separate selections for
“Bitescrybe” 8 KHz PCM Mu-Law,
DVIPS OKI/Dialogic 6/8 KHz VOX 4-bit ADPCM
HTH Voice Input Station (all formats)
Start-Stop Transport 128-bit HIPAA encrypted files
Start-Stop Hands-Free Dictation System II (all formats)
VOX A-Law formats
DCT (Express Scribe) Format
Nice .AUD
Speex and Speex (OGG)
Courtroom Recording Formats
Most popular courtroom audio formats
Digital Recorders
Sanyo Digital Recorders
Sony Digital Recorders (Sony DVF/MSV*)
*New in Version 12
Olympus .DSS (Used with DS-7000, DS-3500, DS-5000, DS-4000, DS-3300, DS-2200, DS-330, DM-20, DS-2, DM-10 recorders and more!)
Philips Digital Recorders and Speechmikes (All Versions)
Philips Speech Mike (CELP)
Lanier Cquence M Mobile Digital Recorders (.DSS format)
Voice-It Mobile Digital Recorder’s .SRI format
Dictaphone Walkabout Tour Digital Recorder
UHER DH-10 Digital Recorder TrueSpeech
Plus plays specialty digital audio formats
CCITT Stereo A-Law
Evercom & T-Netix call monitoring formats
Mu-law and A-Law (Sun Microsystems) non-standard .WAV files
“VAC” Value Added Corporation Inmate Call Monitoring System
Creative SoundBlaster .VOC (Version 1.2)

SUPPORTED AUDIO FORMATS (Summarized): All .WAV Audio formats (from internet, network, or local to hard drive) that are playable by your Windows PC. The following list is not exhaustive, but representative of the .WAV file formats supported: -Microsoft .WAV (PCM), WMA, Sun .AU, DSP Group’s TrueSpeech Compressed .WAV, Microsoft ADPCM, GSM 6.1, u-Law, A-Law, at all amplitudes (4-8-16 bit) and sampling frequencies (8 KHz to 44 KHZ) for mono and stereo. Also Plays All Olympus Recorders (DSS/WMA/MP3/WAV) except DS-2400 and DS-2500, All Sony Recorders (MSV, DVF, WAV/MP3/WMA), Philips Digital Recorders (SP mode), Philips Speechmike CELP, ExpressScribe DCT, Nice AUD, Speex, OGG Speex, Sanyo Digital Recorder, ProCat, BCB Play All TrueSpeech, Lanier Digital Recorders, UHER DH-10 TrueSpeech, Dialogic .VOX format (used in many dictation systems and computerized telephony systems), Bitescrybe VOX, Digital Voice , Dictaphone (VOX 8KHz sample rate, 4-bit ADPCM, with headers), Crescendo and DVIPS (VOX 6KHz sample rate, 4-bit, ADPCM). Also plays Mu-law and A-Law (Sun Microsystems) .WAV files, as well as Creative Soundblaster .VOC format (Version 1.2)., .MP3, and Olympus .DSS format, Evercom and TNetix Inmate Call Monitoring System formats, VAC (Value Added Corporation) Call Inmate Monitoring Format , SPX (Speex.org), BlackBerry .AMR audio format, iPhone MP3 format, Compact Audio Discs

SUPPORTED AUDIO TRACKS PLAYED FROM THESE VIDEO FORMATS (Summarized): WMV (Windows Media Video), RA (Real Audio), RM (Real Video/Real Media), IVF (Indeo Video Format), MTS (Hi Def Video Format – AVCHD created by Digital Video Cameras), MPEG (Industry-Standard PC Video format), MPG (Industry-Standard PC Video format),VOB (Video Object files that are used on DVD movies and burned movie disks), MP4 (Compressed Video Standard used on PCs and IPODS), F4V (Flash MP4 video format), MOV (Apple Quicktime Movie format), FLV (Flash Video), MTS,AVI (Windows Video Standard format)

Package Contents:

Start-Stop Universal Transcription Software and License
PC Transcription Headset
Infinity USB Foot Pedal
Includes: Start-Stop OmniVersal Transcription System Version 2.0 software on CD-ROM, Infinity 3-Pedal USB Footswitch, Spectra PC Headset, Online/CD User Manual, Free Concierge Technical Support, Lifetime Free Upgrades, One Year warranty on footswitch, and 90 day warranty on headset.


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