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Apptec Digiscribe Transcription – Supon Voice

DigiScribe Audio and Video Transcription Software


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Product Description

DigiScribe Audio and Video Transcription Software

DigiScribe is a professional transcription solution that enables you to transcribe audio and video files on your computer from DigiTel as well as from other sources such as handheld recorders. It uses a Headset for playback privacy, and a Foot Pedal for control of Play, Pause, Rewind, and Fast Forward. DigiScribe is better than other simple “wav players” because it organizes your dictations so that you can get your work done efficiently and so you can find specific dictations quickly when you need to. Simply click “Completed” to mark a job completed, and simply click “Save” to place the job back in the Queue (with it remembering where you left off) so that you can grab a higher priority job.
DigiScribe is ready to accept files from DigiTel as well as from many other digital audio and video files. DigiScribe shows you Priority jobs first, and it lets you choose the job you wish to transcribe next with a single click. It also allows you to select work from Work Pools so that you can separate your work easily. Work Pools are easy to setup with just a few clicks.

DigiScribe also displays each jobs demographic information to enable you to intelligently choose the next dictation you wish to transcribe. Dictations received from DigiTel include EZ-Track Demographics data that includes Priority Status, Saved Status, Author Name and ID, Work-type Number, Reference Number, File Length, and the Date and Time of Dictation.

DigiScribe manages and plays files from many sources of dictation; receives dictations directly from DigiTel, over a network, via FTP folders; allows you to select dictation quickly and effortlessly using EZ-Track Demographics data, or by listening to an audio preview, or on a Prioritized first-in first-out basis; allows you to select work from Pools of dictation; allows you to adjust playback Speed and Volume; and allows you to mark dictation Completed, to Save them for later completion, or to Skip them until later; and it remembers where you left off in Saved dictation so completing Saved work is a snap!

DigiScribe can retrieve dictation files from the local pc, across your network, or from FTP folders.

Key Features:
Plays WAV, MP3, DSS, and WMA audio files, and the audio tracks of AVI, MP4, MOV, and WMV video files!
Control playback with Foot Pedal or Mouse!
Volume and Speed Controls!
Choose work from a prioritized list of available files!
Skip, Save, or Complete a file with one click!
Work independently or share work folders with other transcriptionists!

Package contents:
Spectra USB Headset
DigiScribe Transcription Software
Infinity USB Foot Pedal


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