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StartStop Omniversal Audio Video Transcription Kit – Supon Voice

Start-Stop Omniversal Audio/Video Transcription


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Product Description

Start-Stop Omniversal Audio/Video Transcription

Have Start-Stop automatically queue files in a “to-do” directory including the option to include or exclude sub-directories.

Start-Stop will recheck your target directory every time you load the job queue.

You can then have Start-Stop move completed files into a “finished” folder where you can archive past jobs.

Automatic Notification to the Transcriptionists when new dictation arrives in monitored folders and/or sub-folders, via LAN or SFTP/FTP

You can enable an automatic pop-up window in the lower right corner of your screen, and/or Sound notification whenever new dictation arrives into the Job Manager.

New Columns Added for Priority, Duration and Job Comments and Notes

Built-In SFTP/FTP Client for Automatic Downloading and Uploading

Automatic Upload/Download. Your downloaded dictation work, plus documents you’re creating, can automatically be sent to and from your computer.

Built-in Smart Word Line Counter:
The Smart Line Counter lets you keep track of how many characters and lines you’ve typed for a client or customer.

Stop Watch Feature
Keep track of your work, either by total time, or elapsed time on a particular job. This is helpful for billing clients by the hour, or just keeping track of how much time you’ve been working.

The stopwatch feature lets you create a log of time spent on each job you transcribed. This can be printed out or copied to the clipboard.

File Splitting and Overlapping Features

Extract only the audio you need, or split up a long recording
into smaller parts automatically.

Split with Overlap Option:
Convert a long audio recording into a series of shorter segments for ease of transcribing or handling. You can set the number of seconds of overlap between segments, for continuity (so that words or sentences don’t get chopped the middle of a word).

Supporting virtually every audio format in the industry (standard and proprietary, for example, WAV, MP3, WMA, DSS, VOX, VOC). Whatever you need to play and transcribe under foot pedal control, Start-Stop UNIVERSAL is the perfect multi-purpose transcription tool to help you get the job done.

Start-Stop Omniversal Formats photo OmniversalAudio.jpg

Never download another Codec pack again. The Start-Stop PowerPlay supports DVD, .WMV Streaming Video, Apple Quicktime, .AVI, Realplayer and RealAudio, .ASF, DiVX, Adobe Flash, MPEG-1 through MPEG-4 and many more, making Start-Stop PowerPlay a true complete video transcriber.

Start-Stop Ominversal Transcription Kit photo omniversalVideo.jpg


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