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Digital Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer Small Pic – Supon Voice

In stock – Digital Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer


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Delivery: Within Ontario expect 1-2 days delivery.  Outside of Ontario expect 3-4 days.

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Digital Non Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer

The infrared thermometer, monitoring your baby’s temperature at any time, for children and adults. Advanced infrared measurement technology, ultra-sensitive sensor, 1 sec fast and you get the result with unparalleled accuracy, just keep 3-5cm distance from your forehead. No- contact measurement, make sure there are no obstructions on your forehead such as hair for it may affect the accuracy of result. 12 sets memories can be recalled in the device, continuously pressing the “Scan” button at off status , the results will display on the screen one by one, Measures in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

The machine has two modes for body temperature and object surface temperature, slide the button to switch different model. Fever alarm ,back-light, when body temperature exceed 37.5℃.  Necessity for baby mom.

Please make sure that there is nothing between the thermometer probe lens and your forehead, including your hair. Any dirt and/or oil will prevent an accurate measurement. Check and clean the sensor regularly. The surface should be reflective and gleaming. If it is dull and lackluster, please clean the sensor with a q-tip cotton swabs (preferably soaked with alcohol) and measure after 15 minutes.


Medical infrared thermometer Battery: DC 3V (DC 1.5V AAA 2PCS) Batteries included. Size: 150mm (L)X45mm(W)X107mm(H) Weight: About 142g (with the battery) Accuracy: Body mode: ±0.2℃(35.0~42.0℃) Object mode: ±0.5℃(0~100℃) Measuring range: Body mode: 32.0~ 42.9℃ Object mode:0~100℃ Storage/transportation temperature: -20℃ to 55℃ Relative humidity<85%RH Measuring distant: 3-5cm

Brand: Kangyoumei
Includes 2 x AAA batteries
Includes 1 unit
1 Year warranty

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