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Plastair Reusable Anti-Fog Face Shields – Supon Voice

In stock – Plastair Adjustable Reusable PVC Anti-Fog Face Shields


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Delivery: Within Ontario expect 1-2 days delivery.  Outside of Ontario expect 3-4 days.

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Plastair Adjustable Reusable PVC Anti-Fog Face Shields

Canadian-made Plastair Shield is designed with safety, comfort, and convenience in mind. Ample space between the face and shield to accommodate prescription glasses, dental magnification loupes, goggles and face masks.

  • .020″ thick Full facial protection
  • Anti-fog & optically clear
  • Lightweight & adjustable
  • Washable & reusable
  • Made in Canada

Height of Shield 9 Inches

Width of Shield 15 Inches

The Plastair Shield Difference:  Manufactured entirely with virgin grade medical APET material that is 0.020” (5 mm) thick. 15” wide by 9.5” high, Plastair Shield assists in protecting the full facial area against cough droplets, sprays and splatter of body fluids. Anti-fog design that is optically clear with high-level scratch resistance. Designed for extended, all-day wear and breathable construction for maximum air circulation. Lightweight (0.2 lbs.) and outfitted with a soft foam comfort headband that has a fully adjustable Velcro strap to fit all head sizes. 3” separation between the face and shield to prevent echoing while talking and outlined around the ear for improved hearing. Adjustable fit. Fully washable for disinfecting and reusable. Each unit is individually packaged and flat packed for convenient shipping and storage.

Most face shields in the marketplace utilize thin plastic and overseas imports use inferior reprocessed material like PVC which provides a blurry and distorted vision. Elastic head band design creates tension and compresses the head making it extremely uncomfortable during prolonged use. Full foam front restricts evaporation and can create condensation and fogging. Competitor’s shields tend to be closer to the face providing a claustrophobic feel and echoing while talking.

Industries Served: Chiropractors, Construction and utility, Dental hygienists, Essential front-line workers, First responders, Food processing, Funeral service workers, Grocery store cashiers, Hair Salons, Healthcare workers,  Home improvement store workers, Industrial and manufacturing environments, Massage therapists, Meat packing, Nurse practitioners, Paramedics, Personal support workers, Pharmacists, Public face-to-face contact, Receptionist, Service industry, Therapists and where situations where physical distancing requirements are a challenge.

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