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VXI Voxstar UC Wireless Headset


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Bluetooth Wireless Headset

Product Description

VXI Voxstar UC “Superior Bluetooth” Wireless Headset.

Enhanced performance for softphone, speech recognition, UC, and other applications.

Dragon Speech Recognition Compatible. Works with Dragon Medical, Dragon Legal and
Dragon professional versions.

Office Bluetooth headset for smart phones and tablets. Blocks up to 93% of background noise!

Eliminating up to 93% of background noise, the VXi VoxStar™ is the Bluetooth headset that lets people hear you, not the noise around you. Because VoxStar’s flexible boom puts the mic right at your mouth, you will sound like you’re in a private office—even when you’re not.

Xtreme Noise Suppression® technology quiets even the most aggressive background noise.
Wideband audio lets you understand every word.

A2DP for use with other Bluetooth-enabled audio devices.

Multipoint pairing lets you use two cell phones or a phone and a Bluetooth-enabled PC in tandem.

7+ hours of talk time per charge means you can keep on talking.

Lightweight and roadworthy, so it’s both comfortable and durable.

Comfortable Headbands and Ear pieces for the best fit included.

Includes wall charger and usb computer charger. Fast charging.

1 Year Warranty



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