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Spectra SP-EB-USB headset – Supon Voice

Spectra Ear Bud USB Headset (SP-EB USB)


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Product Description

Spectra Ear Bud USB Headset (SP-EB USB)


Designed for hours of transcription use, these feather-light, easy-to-use Spectra Earbuds disappear at work freeing you from the common uncomfortable headset distraction allowing you to transcribe freely.

The SP-EB USB headset is compatible with all PC Windows and Mac versions. Use them to transcribe, listen to music, or listen to any of your computer applications.

The Spectra Ear Bud USB Headset Features:

  • Crystal Clear Digital Stereo Audio Sound
  • Direct connection via USB 2.0 Plug
  • In-line Digital Volume Control
  • 10 foot long cord
  • Noise reducing earbuds
  • Interchangeable small, medium and large ear tips to choose from for a better fit.
  • LED indicator
  • CE/FCC Approved


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