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Olympus-DS-7000 with Cradle

– Olympus DS-7000 Digital Recorder –

Recording Formats:  DSS & DS2 (DSS Pro) Voice Formats.

Slide-Switch Recording – Record – Stop – Play – Rewind – Record Over  – Edit Mode.

The DS-7000 Professional Dictation System from Olympus sets a new industry standard in portable audio recording equipment and digital voice recorders.

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Olympus AS-7000 Transcription Kit

Olympus AS-7000 Pro Transcription Kit – 

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Olympus RS31 Foot Pedal

Olympus RS-31 USB Foot Pedal –

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Olympus E102 Stereo Headset

Olympus E102 PC Stereo Headset –

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Olympus Dictation Accessories – 

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Olympus WS-853 8GB

Olympus Digital Recorders – 

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Olympus RM4010P Direct Rec MIc II

Olympus Handheld Microphones –

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Olympus Mobile Dictation App – 

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